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Ostapiak Vasyl Ivanovich



the author notes that changes in society occur in waves and this process is influenced by a number of destructive factors, ie war, pandemic influenza or plague, economic shocks, etc   

Ключові слова:
crisis, conflict, long wave theory, system of international relations, globalization   

The crisis is an integral part of the development of modern society. With its differences and wave-like movements it stimulates countries, international organizations and the whole system of international relations to development. As researcher S. Grabovsky notes: "Theoretically, the current crisis of wave change can be passed in a relatively" soft "scenario, according to Kondratiev's followers. This would require replacing the policy of reducing the cost of labor with a policy of raising wages and raising the educational level of employees (which will inevitably require a reduction in the working week). The policy of eliminating "social costs" should be replaced by a new strategy of expanding social guarantees, but with the encouragement of fruitful highly skilled work. Spontaneous inflation in this scenario can be stopped   
Сучасні наукові дослідження. Одеса, Україна.   

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Ostapiak Vasyl Ivanovich. MANAGEMENT AND CRISIS IN THE SYSTEM OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS // ''Сучасні наукові дослідження'' (міжнародна наукова конференція). ISBN 978-617-8083-31-1. Одеса, Україна. С. 4 - 6. 2021 р. // Електронний ресурс: (дата звернення: 24.05.2024 р.)

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